„slow moves“ is an exhibition format that is carried out over a rather long period of time and that is open to public occasionally. It starts out with a first set of art works which from then on keeps transforming and evolving. Over the course of the exhibition some of the works are leaving the show while others remain and again others join the process. For how long single works remain on display, how often the exhibition is rearranged or how many artists participate in total is not yet defined and varies in relation to the specifics of each piece. Thus the presentation continuously changes and presents a different composition of works, arrangement in space and narrative each time the exhibition is open to public. 

June 10 / 23 / 24 
July 1 / 7 / 14 
September 9 / 22 / 23 
October 13 / 27 
November 3 / 10 / 17 / 18 
Hours: 14-18h

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Beginn: Samstag 7 Juli 2018 02:00nachm.

Ende: Sonntag 30 September 2018 06:00nachm.

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